Curling Canada Launches Coaching Development eLearning Website

Curling Canada Launches eLearning Website. Icarus Learning Solutions proudly hosts and supports the Learning Management System for Curling Canada coaching development programs.

The pandemic-induced push to distance learning has seen few unaffected. Even the development of coaching programs in professional, competitive sports have had to adapt to the new paradigm of virtual training.

Curling Canada’s coaching development team has been quick to respond to the need for remote teaching and learning and has started offering certified training programs through MOODLE LMS. While much of the coaching will still need to be done on the ice, most instruction that was traditionally done in a classroom has been moved online so that coaching professionals coast-to-coast can engage in interactive learning activities without leaving their homes.

Curling Canada Launches eLearning Website with ILS Moodle Hosting Services

The Curling Canada team had originally hosted their Moodle through the Moodle Cloud service available through Moodle’s headquarters in Australia. However, limitations to max storage allotment and number of users necessitated a different solution. Furthermore, customizing the plugins and themes is not possible on Moodle Cloud, so a third party host and developer is required.

Icarus Learning Solutions was therefore able to transfer their Moodle Cloud site over to our servers and set up a custom subdomain for Curling Canada at .

Now, the Curling Canada coaching development team has an LMS that can be completely customized to their needs and is supported 24/7/365 by our technicians.

Read more about our Moodle hosting services at IONIC LMS and reach out if your institution is in need of a professional, reliable and customizable e-Learning solution. We offer a no-obligation, free consultation.

Curling Canada Launches eLearning Website. April 2021.

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